GOOD Transfer is a joint project of the Incoming Business Group and Incoming Finland. In the spring of 2000 we started our long-running work in tourist services from Finland, and in 2011 we opened our first subdivision in Estonia. Now we offer a full range of tourist services in both countries, conferences and events organization, as well as premium class transportation services for groups and individuals.

GOOD Transfer – is an online booking service for transfers in Finland.

GOOD Transfer provides high quality transportation services for individual travellers as well as for groups 24/7. We offer prebooked taxi services and charter transportation from Helsinki region.

The reasons why you should choose GOOD Transfer:

  • New cars
  • Fixed prices (do not change during the trip) *
  • Professional licensed drivers
  • Multilingual service
  • Meeting a customer with a nameplate
  • Luggage assistance
  • The car will be served exactly on time.
  • Always on time (your flight arrival time is monitored)
  • We accept all popular credit cards and PayPal
  • The possibility of payment through a bank account
  • No hidden fees
  • Taxes and waiting times are already included in the price

** As a compliment, a soft drink and Wi-Fi on board.

* In the absence of changes in the route

** Starting with the business class category and above.